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What Makes The Perfect Bagel?

New Jersey style, handmade, and naturally sweetened. At Clam State, we are committed to providing your taste buds with a delightful experience! We're about making your life easier and tastier, with a passion for bringing you a bite of our New Jersey style bagels. We choose our ingredients with your health in mind. Our entire menu is vegan to accommodate environmentally friendly and health-conscious customers, as well as those looking for an alternative dining experience.

Bringing You The New Jersey Style Bagels

These aren't your typical, south-of-the Mason Dixon bagels. Our bagels have the toppings mixed in with the dough for a stress-free, portable eating experience. They're artisanal bagels — chewy on the inside, crunchy on the outside, and a favorite of enthusiasts and Northeast transplants alike.

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Bagels sold since 2019

What Makes Our Bagels Different?

The all-natural ingredients of our New Jersey style bagels include sea salt, artisanal flour, diastatic malt powder, brown sugar, and yeast. We make our bagels in the traditional boiling method, but with a few twists. After proofing the dough and the bagel shapes are hand-rolled, we add a bit of maple syrup to the boiling water to give the bagels a brown, slightly sweet coating. Then they’re washed with a mix of coconut butter and agave as an eggwash substitute before putting them in the oven.

Our New Jersey style bagels boast a sweet and salty taste along with a warm, slightly chewy inside and a crisp shell on the outside. We offer the classic ‘everything’ bagels, as well as beloved bagels like poppyseed, sesame, and plain. More flavors are always in development.

Formed in 2019, we’ve been serving Alexandria, Virginia since 2019.

Visit us at your local farmers market and taste the difference of our New Jersey style bagels.

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